You don’t have to go far to find a company touting that their smart lighting platform does not have a Hub. Which, on the face of it, seems like a great thing. Hubs are bad because they are another thing you have to buy so goes the reasoning. Which would be true if you could get the exact same functionality from a Hubless system that you could from one with a Hub. But that is not true. A Hubless smart lighting system is abit like a football team without a quarterback. Yes, you can still run plays, but not nearly as well.

So we think having a Hub is a good thing. But we also appreciate that there are those who just don’t want to purchase a Hub and believe that all that extra overhead is not worth it. Ok, cool. No pressure. We are down with that. So we created No Hub mode. You can go Hubless with Lexi and upgrade later if you like.
We didn’t stop there though. When we were looking at the whole Hub/No Hub situation we decided that when you purchased a Hub, it should be as unobtrusive as possible. So top priority was to make it as small as possible. Secondly, how about reducing all those cords coming out the Hub. Or even better, get rid of them altogether. Thus was born our Hub as a USB stick.

Now as things go, one good idea follows another and so a few months later, as we were developing our ART Lights, which are either battery powered or solar powered and in many cases, oriented towards outdoor use, I got to thinking-we should make the Hub portable so everyone can take their ART Lights AND Hub with them. This way you can take the party with you. As a camper and particularly car camper, I thought about how nice it would be to have these incredibly beautiful and bright lights around my camp at night, running a light show. And at night, the Solar Cylinders, with their dual motion detectors, can serve as a perimeter warning system to alert everyone when anything comes waltzing into camp uninvited! So we developed the software for “Travel Mode”.

Most recently we added Remote Mode. So a user can control their lights from any where on the Globe. And not just their lights, any third party lights connected through Lexi such as Philips or LIFX. Having friends back after being out at a bar and want to walk into the perfect scene, use Remote Mode and choose a Design that sets the mood just right for your return. For security reasons, we have designed it such that you need to manually activate Remote Mode in order to use it every time.