Recently I was talking with a friend about what we are doing at Lexi. As I was doing that, she jumped out of her chair and said-“oh, you are a LightFreak! Im a LightFreak too! I cant wait to tell all my LightFreak friends about Lexi.” I had never considered, strangely enough, that there was more than one of me. That there were others who cared deeply about lighting, perhaps even bordered on rabid like I am about all things lighting. People that, like me, walk into a room and the first thing they notice is whether the lighting is right and how it could be changed to create a better mood or scene. And as I came to that understanding, I realized that, of course there had to be many others like me. In fact, there should be many like me.

As I have continuously thought about (proudly) being a LightFreak, I have thought about the fact that there really isn’t a good forum or community for LightFreaks nor is it even considered to be a thing. And yet, as I mentioned earlier, I think the world is filled with people who appreciate, or really love great lighting. I have to believe that, like so many other things in life, there are gradations of “LightFreakiness” and that on the opposite end of the spectrum are those who simply don’t see when lighting is bad. Amazingly, many of those people seem to work in the hospitality industry. 

In a way, Lexi is for you, my fellow LightFreaks. We have designed/architected Lexi to be a place where LightFreaks can find all the tools, both lights, hardware and software, to indulge in their passion. Accompanying that is a community platform to indulge in fellowship about our shared passion. And finally, we built Social Sharing & the Marketplace so that LightFreaks could share their fervor with all those who are just beginning their journey in the appreciation of the magical qualities of great lighting.

We want you to tell us your thoughts on what you want to see from Lexi-new Lights, software functionality, marketplace improvements-whatever comes to mind. I look forward to conversing with you in LightNation!